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WMMR Radio Zoom Whitening Event

Zoom WMMR Radio Teeth Whitening Local radio personality Preston of the popular "Preston and Steve" morning show on WMMR radio visited our practice recently to undergo treatment for teeth whitening.

Preston, well known in the tri-state (Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey) area for his WMMR Rocks! mantra and especially his spontaneity on the radio, reconfirmed for all of our staff that it is a characteristic that he carries with him wherever he is.

Assuming the Patient Role

In general terms, all dentists and their supportive staff appreciate the efforts dental patients make for being a model patient.

Zoom WMMR Radio Teeth Whitening Understanding the purpose of treatment, procedures used and outcomes that can be expected are the little details that can help a patient move right into the "good patient mode."

Preston: The Perfect Patient

As can be seen in our 2nd pre-treatment photo, Preston was anxious to show us that he wanted to get the full advantage of services and was ready for the short briefing and treatment details that would be provided by Terri, one of our assistants.

After the brief discussion of treatment details covering individual procedures, equipment that would be used and the overall time frame, Preston gestured that he was ready for the Zoom magic.

Zoom WMMR Radio Teeth Whitening

Pre Whitening Dentistry Basics

Patti, our Dental Hygienist, is providing a general teeth cleaning to assure all tooth surfaces are free of plaque and any other unusual or unexpected build up that could interfere with the light activated gel products.

A routine periodontal examination of soft tissues is also performed to assure all gingival areas are equally healthy. Special steps are taken to assure soft tissues are protected against becoming sensitive after treatment.

One Hour Teeth Whitening Power

Zoom WMMR Whitening Zoom has become renowned for "whiter teeth in an hour." Their professional grade product line (administered by dentists) has been so successful that the Zoom process has practically become synonymous with "one hour teeth whitening".

The success of the Zoom product is due, in part, to the ability of the dentist to infinitely control the amount of product used, the bleaching strength (composition of whitening agent) and, especially, the application process.

Dr. Petulla and Terri, our Dental Assistant, are shown here preparing Preston's tooth surfaces for the degree of whitening desired. Proprietary materials developed by Discus Dental (developers of Zoom) are being applied to assure the light activated gel is applied to the areas Preston wants treated.

Zoom WMMR Radio Teeth Whitening The extra attention to detail for all of our whitening patients assure they do not experience the "sensitive teeth" or "sensitive gums" syndrome that seems to have become associated with many teeth whitening products applied by consumers.

Zoom! Bright White Maintenance Kits

Many of our teeth whitening patients enjoy having the ability to maintain their Zoom! treatments on a more casual basis that don't require visits to the dentist. Our office provides professional grade whitening products (not similar to over the counter products) and custom trays for convenient Zoom smile maintenance. Discus Dental take home whitening kits assure the safest balance of powerful whitening agents and precision molded whitening trays.

Power Whitening Rocks!

Zoom WMMR Radio Teeth Whitening Preston, shown here immediately after completing the gel activation phase of the whitening treatment, shows off his good looks with our dental retractors.

Since Preston hasn't quite mastered speaking with his lips fully retracted, he sends our staff instead a revised version of his spontaneity, showing sign of approval.

Preston carries with him the spirit that has made him a regionally recognized personality. It was a real treat for Dr. Petulla to meet and interact with him in person.

Our staff especially enjoyed his trademark antics while they worked diligently to create a cosmetic result that might even be the envy of his partner, Steve.... but don't tell anyone we said that!

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The Zoom! whitening technology has been through a few reformulations since gaining fame during the Extreme Makeover television show. The technologies behind the laser light curing process as well as the changes in the whitening gel chemistry have been modified to provide more whitening choices for patients.

The Zoom product line has different types of products for different types of patients. Take home kits are also now available to assure our whitening patients can easily maintain their appealing smiles for years to come.

Call our office at (856) 983-4846 to arrange a consult to determine which Zoom and/or Discus Dental whitening products can produce the amount of cosmetic impact you want for your smile.

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