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South Jersey Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

Teeth In An Hour: Guided Implants

Gold Standard Pioneered by Nobel Biocare, All On Four TM and Teeth In An Hour TM treatment protocols enable Dr. Kristen and Dr. Kazemi to provide a range of teeth replacement choices that weren't available just a few years ago.

Rock Solid Dental Implant
Rock Solid Confidence
Depending upon individual treatment needs and the patient's choice of desired cosmetic value, dental function and long term tissue preservation (bone, teeth, gums), various combinations of 3D imaging, CAD/CAM implant guides, titanium milling, immediate load implants along with removable and non removable prosthetics (bridgework, denture products) are used to create treatment options that can fit nearly any budget.

Click here to watch a video outline of our technologies.

Computer Guided Immediate Load Implants

Hybrid implants are available for creating single tooth or multiple teeth replacement options that are increasingly popular for avoiding the need to be without teeth while being treated.

Nobel Guides
Upper Jaw Implant Guide
The Nobel Biocare product line can also be combined with other technologies that can eliminate the need for bone grafting for most patients.

Click here to watch a guided implant surgery video.

Implants for Budget Flexibility

Dr. Kristen and Dr. Kazemi use the Nobel Biocare product line along with Astra implants to create an extended set of treatment choices that all patients enjoy having. The concept of "one choice only" is a limitation that is no longer acceptable.

Computer Guided Implants Marlton
Computerized Treatment Planning
Surgery Guide Design
NobelActive TM and NobelTapered TM are internationally accepted as the favored technology by reconstructive dentists. These implants, along with Astra implants are used to accommodate fixed and removable tooth replacements along with creating "fixed" variations of dentures and partials.

Our One Hour Teeth treatment choices can be used for fixed bridgework as well as implant supported or retained dentures that provide bone stimulating properties that can't be matched by mini implants, yet share the same affordability factor.

Basic Dentures - Reinforced Dentures - Titanium Bridge

Implant products and different choices of restorative products enable our patients to practically "mix and match" treatments that provide the best function based on the bone health qualities of the upper and/or lower jaws.

One Hour Upper Teeth Replacement
Teeth In An Hour - Maxilla
The use of hybrid implant placements can eliminate the need for bone grafting and, quite often, the requirement for certain types of tissue healing that is commonly associated with traditional implants.

Denture prosthetics can now be fabricated with a metal core reinforcing material that provides a fit and feel that is similar to fixed bridgework at a fraction of the cost.

Patients who enjoy the feel of acrylic teeth replacements over porcelain but still require a rock solid bite often select a custom denture fabicated with a metallic core.

Rock Solid Bite
Custom Metal Core Sizing
As seen in the adjacent photo, a solid arch of metal is preformed to fit precisely on the bony ridge. The implant sites have already been developed.

Once the sizing is completed, the patient selects from a variety of prosthetic materials that enables the patient to literally design a denture that doesn't look like a denture. Color, shading, translucency (on biting edges of teeth), perhaps a gold crown and even slight rotations that create the appearance of very natural teeth.

Rock Solid Bite
Popular Palateless Denture
Final cosmetic and bite related adjustments take place when the prosthetic is attached to whatever attachment system has been chosen by the patient. Some patients prefer easy removal while others prefer a more permanent attachment that is serviced by our office just as a fixed bridge would require.

Depending upon the amount of detail requested by the patient, these types of teeth replacement options defy detection and deliver a bite function that is unmatched by a traditional denture product.

Questions: Cutting Edge Technologies and Affordability

Bioengineering, 3D imaging, CAD/CAM design and advancements in tissue and teeth replacement products create multiple choices for our patients ..... not "just one" choice any more. Patients with unique treatment needs or questions about working within a strict budget are invited to contact Dr. Petulla or Dr. Kazemi directly with our on-line Ask The Dentist form.

Patients have more choices than ever for getting treatment that can be completed in one appointment that can achieve the results that all patients want with the precision and cosmetic outcome that can last a lifetime.

Patients seeking an immediate appointment for a Consultation can call us at (856) 983-4846 or use our convenient Consultation Request form.

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