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South Jersey Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

Marlton Full Service Dental Care

Marlton Dentistry NJ South Jersey dentists Dr. Kristin Petulla and Dr. Jennifer Kazemi provide just the right mix of reconstructive, restorative and aesthetic dental procedures for our Marlton and South Jersey patients.

Years of extensive creative use of cutting edge procedures and proven technologies in addressing some of the most challenging cosmetic dental needs a patient could have has led to the establishment of a talented skill repertoire that is rivaled by few dentists in the South Jersey area.

Defining the Degree of Cosmetic Result

Most patients have either a strong or definite idea of what cosmetic and functional outcome is desired. Our treatment plans incorporate not only what the patient is seeking... but provides a choice of methods, materials and technologies that can determine the degree of true cosmetic change (or drama) desired.

Assessing the Unknown - Informed Decisions

Cosmetic Dentists in Marlton South Jersey There is yet another group of patients... those who know at least they need something, but are not sure what the need really is and what approach would be best for addressing the need.

The strong tenure (years of experience) of our doctors in the diagnosis and creative treatments within cosmetic, restorative and reconstructive dentistry assures this type of patient that they will have the objective information they need for determining the type and degree of treatment needed.

Mercury filling removal
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Minimally and non invasive products are featured as additional patient treatment choices. In support of our long standing No Amalgam (mercury free) office policy, our amalgam replacement treatments have become quite popular (Click here to see how amalgam is removed and replaced).

Our team collectively assures each and every patient they will have the information they need for making an informed decision about their dental health needs and a variety of treatment options.

Contact Dr. Petulla, Dr. Kazemi or our team today at (856) 983-4846 to make arrangements for determining a sensible view point on your oral health care. You can also use our Consultation Form for making these arrangements.

Have a particular question in mind? You can also contact our doctors directly with our on-line Ask The Dentist Form, to obtain some answers to your dental questions. Get the objective information you need for making an informed decision.

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Kristin Beth Petulla, D.D.S. - Jennifer Kazemi, D.M.D.

South Jersey Cosmetic Implant Family Dentistry
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